our stories are the reason we’re here

More than inspired.

Compelled by our own personal stories of duct taping heat pads to our stomachs, almost being kicked out of school and getting fired from our jobs – we founded somedays as a way to participate in our own liberation from chronic period pain and the stigma that comes with it.

Radical in every way. 

Rooted in the concept of embodiement and trauma informed care we see a future where people feel empowered and inspired to transform their relationship to period pain.

The somedays founding team is a mix of queer, Black, disabled, gender diverse entrepreneurs who live with chronic pain and endometriosis. We are deeply passionate about and committed to the advancement of holistic and inclusive period care.

Our collective queer identity specifically, propels us to speak fiercely and openly about sexual, and gender related equity issues.

investing in better periods






Angel Investors

Taking the time to find investors who believe in our vision for an inclusive and radical approach to period relief was important to us. Re-allocating funds to other grassroots organizers was equally important. We believe in a collaborative and community centered approach to business. We are currently heading into our second round of raising and sourcing of our community partnerships for 2022. Please reach out if you are interested in either of these opportunities.

the important stuff


Just like people, pain exists at the intersections of our personal experiences. Pain relief must make room for these intersections so that nobody gets left behind.


All of our topicals come in 100% compostable packaging made from renewable resources.


From our advocacy to our trauma informed approach to pain relief we’re pushing boundaries and fighting for a future we want to be a part of.

we’re all friends here



Lux is a non binary disabled queer with unstoppable forward momentum. If there’s a better way to do something, lux is already on it. They are captain idea maker and product developer.

Lux was formally diagnosed with endometriosis in the spring of 2021. After struggling for 15 years with debilitating pain and trying every medical intervention available to them, they were finally able to get surgery this year. Lux deeply believes that all people deserve to have the stories of their experiences validated and that everybody's healing journey is different.



Domunique is a Black, queer, disabled, femme who makes sure to always remember her "why". She is an organizing and coordinating queen with a vision of bringing more wellness, joy, and healing into the world. She is captain community builder and marketing strategist.

Domunique underwent laparoscopic excision surgery for her endometriosis after years of struggling with chronic pain. Outside of her medical treatments, she loves managing her pain through nutrition, mindfulness, and movement. She is deeply committed to telling meaningful stories and inspiring others to develop the skills to better manage their pain and overall improve their lives.



Cassandra is a queer femme francophone with enough energy for the whole team. She is the muscle, the gal with the snacks, and the one that get’s it done before the due date. She is captain of the studio, the lab and the schedule.

Cassandra spent the majority of her life as a competitive dancer. As she got older and her period pain became more intense she began to see the intersections of sports therapy and pain relief. She believes whole heartedly that movement can bring us back into our bodies and help us better manage chronic pain.