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Somatic Care Deck

affirmations, prompts and practices for mind-body wellness

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Pain, Pleasure, and Boundaries is a comprehensive and easy-to-use somatic care deck designed to help you explore connection, safety, and acceptance with your body.

○ 12 Prompts
○ 12 Affirmations
○ 12 Practices

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In this deck you will find 12 affirmation cards, 12 prompt cards and 12 practices (labeled at the bottom). Each of these categories is further broken down into three focuses: pain, pleasure and boundaries (labeled at the top). You can either draw a card from the deck at random or you can divide the deck into the three focuses.

Each of the three focuses will have 4 affirmations, 4 prompts and 4 practices that can all be used together to create a more in depth experience.

What Is Somatic Therapy

Also known as somatic experiencing and somatic experiencing therapy, somatic therapy incorporates the mind, body, and spirit into therapeutic healing work. Somatic therapy aims to treat the effects of PTSD and other mental and emotional health issues through the connection of mind and body and uses a body-centric approach.

Unlike standard mental health therapy types like CBT that focus prominently on the mind, somatic therapy incorporates body-oriented modalities such as dance, breathwork, mind-body activites and mindfullness to support people through their healing journeys.

This therapy aims to help release how a physical body holds on to stress, tension, pain and trauma, rather than only resolving problems verbally.

About The Author

Hi, I’m Kat Nantz (she/her). I’m a queer, disabled Somatic Sex Coach, Trauma Practitioner, and disability advocate residing in Guelph, Ontario (Haudenosaunee territory ). 

I spent a big chunk of my childhood in and out of the hospital.

Having had 17 major surgeries as a child, I have a very intimate relationship with pain as well as the trauma that can go along with navigating the medical system.

After spending years being led out of my body, feeling objectified, feeling that I always needed to be fixed, I finally began the journey of coming home to myself.

I had a powerful realization that my greatest healing would occur when I landed in my body and listened.

My own journey with pain, pleasure and boundaries led me here, supporting others in gaining more access to their innate goodness, supporting folks in experiencing more freedom, joy and pleasure in their body’s and lives.


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"This deck is transformative. I was having an exceptionally hard day after a triggering experience, so my partner and I played the silly tea and teacup game. Within 2 minutes I was in tears laughing. And nothing moves emotional stress like some good old fashion laughter."

Leah Hutchison

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  • Recognize and Disrupt Painful Patterns

    Somatic therapy can help draw attention to how changes in your stance, gaze, facial expression, muscle tension, breath, and more are responses to pain that foster more discomfort.


    Practicing mindful awareness of your body, pain, and how you naturally respond allows for clarity and consciousness. This opens the door to movement and feelings that can finally complete, fear-based responses in your body, help you unravel the cycle of chronic pain and choose different bodily behaviour.

  • Increase Bodily Awareness

    Somatic therapy can help improve your ability to truly sense your own body internally.


    You'll learn to observe and appreciate its present state and changing sensations. Slowly, you can improve your tolerance for the painful sensations you're experiencing.

  • Discharge the Origins of Your Pain

    You may or may not know what caused your chronic pain initially. All your body knows is that a chronic state of high arousal exists. Thus you may experience poor respiration, digestion, blood pressure, and bodily control as well as more pain.


    Somatic therapy can increase your ability to regulate and resolve pain with movement. Somatic therapy works directly with the nervous system to gradually help discharge the unprocessed survival energy that keeps you tense and hurting.

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